What is social bookmarking? It is tagging a website and saving it for later. Instead of saving them to your web browser, you are saving them to a website. Because your bookmarks are online, you can easily share them with anyone on the Internet.

Social bookmarking is one of the greatest ways of getting a new site or page indexed on search engines quickly. Popular social bookmarking sites with high PageRank (PR) are visited by Google Crawler frequently so if you submit your site there, Google Crawler will find your link, visit your site, and index it before you know it.

However, finding all the social bookmarking sites and going through them one after one can be very time consuming and frustrating. You will also need to sign up with every single social bookmarking website in order to submit.

At Webindesigns we can help you create your social bookmarks on hundreds of websites which results in driving backlink traffic to your website with ease. We have a technique to identify which social bookmarking websites are relevant to your niche and have high PR which is very important for your website to get a higher ranking position.

Social Bookmarking Packages

We offer different social bookmarking packages to suit your requirements. Our cheap packages are based on the number of titles created, the number of social bookmarking websites the titles with anchor text links to your site are bookmarked.

Silver - £51.99

  • Only 1 title
  • 70 social bookmarks
  • Detailed reports
  • 2 weeks to complete

Gold - £121.99

  • 3 different titles
  • 200 social bookmarks
  • Detailed reports
  • 4 weeks to complete

Platinum - £221.99

  • 5 different titles
  • 400 social bookmarks
  • Detailed reports
  • 6 weeks to complete