Mail Server Setup Services

You may be interested in our email server setup or email campaign services to send bulk emails out for your business. Sending bulk emails which is part of our SEO ("Blackhat") services is an alternative way of relaying internet traffic to your new website in a faster fashion than ordinary organic SEO.

If you need to send thousands of emails out a day, this is a cheaper way to do that. You can own your mailing system by using our server setup service. All we need from you is your login credentials for your server and its extra IP addresses, and we will do the rest to make your server a bulk mail servers. Plus we can help send out your email campaigns with an extra fee.

For example, we charge only £200 for setting up a mail server with up to 254 IP addresses which you can use for unlimited period. However, our fees are negotiable!

Please contact us for more information.

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